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When I decided with my family to restore this beautiful XIX century house, we knew this restoration had to be gentle to maintain untouched the villa details without modernities to scramble its real ancient essence.

We felt aware we needed a change but this should have matched eco-sustainability principles and the environment all around. The love for nature and a non-frantic way of living were of inspiration for the B&B. In fact, we considered it from the very beginning the ideal refuge for those fleeing a stressful city life.


And that's what we realised! A small oasis hidden among Tuscany hills, where nature and peace combine, where you slow your mind from thinking, where the surrounding environment provides all the resources for a living.


Solar panels heat our water and furnishes electricity. The small vegetable garden on the property and the olive grove nearby offer us a large part of the food and Tuscan olive oil we consume and offer our guests. I’ll personally bake for you in the morning to give you the best awakening with a tasty breakfast, made of fresh local products.


We love our "green" philosophy and we did our best to maintain our B&B authentic, warm and cosy, just like you expect your home to be.